Student Travel Support

SoCS is a student-friendly event. We strongly encourage students to attend.

Students can apply for travel support by contacting the conference chairs. To apply, please write an email to the conference chairs indicating that you would like to apply for travel support and provide the following information:

  • full name
  • type of degree you are studying towards (PhD, MSc, etc.)
  • proof student status (an email from your advisor suffices)
  • institution at which you are pursuing your degree
  • name and email address of PhD advisor, if applicable
  • role at the symposium (present a full paper, present a research abstract, etc.)
  • whether you have received travel support to attend SoCS in the past

If you are studying at a U.S. institution or hold a U.S. citizenship, please also clearly indicate this, since some of our travel funds may be limited to students satisfying these criteria. Please take into account that our financial support will require U.S. students to travel on a U.S. carrier.

The deadline for travel support applications is June 6th 2016, 23:59, UTC-12, but we will consider later applications if there are leftover funds after the first round of applications.